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DEFAULT : Mechanical properties and durability of strain hardening cement-based composites
12.02.2013 22:10 (3231 x gelesen)

Mechanical properties and durability of strain hardening cement-based composites (SHCC)

The ultimate tensile strain capacity of most cement-based materials is in the order of 0.015 %. Recently polymer fibre reinforced cement-based materials have been developed with a tensile strain capacity of up to 6 %. If the material is optimised, the fibres prevent crack localisation by multi-crack formation. During the multi-crack formation pronounced strain hardening is observed. The crack width can be controlled. It has been shown experimentally that cracks with a width lower than 50 µm have little or now influence on durability.

For practical applications of this comparatively new group of materials reliable test methods have to be developed to characterize both mechanical behaviour and durability. Work in this field is performed in close co-operation with a RILEM Technical committee HFC.

One major aim is to develop reliable test methods, which will allow us to predict durability under given environmental conditions.


Relevant publications:

  1. T. Zhao, X. Mao, and F. H. Wittmann, Optimizing Strain Hardening Cement-based Composites (SHCC) with respect to Crack Width, Proc. Int. Workshop on Durability of Reinforced Concrete under Combined Mechnical and Climatic Loads (CMCL), Z. Zhao, F. H. Wittmann, and T.Ueda, editors, Aedificatio Publishers, pp. 225-230 (2005)
  2. X. Wang, F. H. Wittmann, and T. Zhao, Comparative Study of Test Methods to Determine Fracture Energy of Strain Hardening Cement-based Composites (SHCC), Int. Journal for Restoration of Buildings and Monuments 12, (2006)

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